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High-Performance DNA Variant Libraries

Single pool plasmid libraries

>95% desired variants (<5% wildtype)

up to 1012 variants per library

2 week delivery

Combinatorial Libraries

Mutate multiple nearby or distal positions simultaneously

Choose any set of amino acids or codons

Enzyme Engineering

Optimize an enzyme active site

Alter substrate specificity and selectivity

Antibody/binder Engineering

Naïve CDR randomization


Scanning and Random Libraries

Introduce one or multiple mutations per variant

Choose any set of amino acids or codons

Superior to error-prone PCR - access to all amino acids (100% vs. 32%)

Enzyme Engineering

Discover difficult-to-predict mutations that enhance stability and expression

Enhance stability and expression

Antibody/binder Engineering

Discover beneficial framework mutations

Optimize CDR loops

Fc engineering

Epitope mapping

Molecular biology

Map key promoter binding sites

Transcription factor engineering

Fluorescent protein engineering

Virus and protein evolution

Protein fitness landscapes

Alanine scanning

Viral gene delivery

Optimize tissue tropism