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Custom Antibodies & Affinity Binders

Revolve’s antibody discovery platform is ideal for generation of novel antibodies for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications including bispecific antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, and chimeric antigen receptor T cells (CAR-T).

Fast: 6-10 week turnaround time

Flexible: Protein, peptide, nucleic acid, and other biological and biochemical targets

Customizable: Epitope specificity, binding kinetics, scaffolds etc...

Our scFv antibodies

Library generation workflow and QC

Figure 1: NGS sequencing of an example CDR-H3 scFv library created with NNC codon degeneracy demonstrates even amino acid distribution across all positions in the loop.

Figure 2: Deviation of amino acid frequencies from theoretical result demonstrates very low amino acid bias throughout loop positions.

Figure 3: Diagram of library panning against a bead-immobilized target and screening of clones in an ELISA format.

Case Study (High on-rate)

Figure 4: A library of >1E11 variants was generated and panned against an undisclosed protein target. 23 clones were isolated and screened in an ELISA assay with the target immobilized - The binder hit rate was 60% as shown.

Figure 5: A single clone with A450 > 1.0 was selected, expressed, purified and analyzed via Biacore SPR with the immobilized target. Concentrations of scFv for binding curves are 1.6, 6.25, 25, and 100 nM. Overall affinity of the clone for the target was 2.6 nM.