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"Lygos was looking at various approaches to build combinatorial protein libraries of around 106 variants. We needed the library to be constructed quickly, at a reasonable cost, and we did not want to pull any of our internal scientists away from internal projects to try and build the library in house; moreover, there just aren't a lot of available options for quickly building libraries in house. After speaking with different vendors, we found Revolve to be the fastest and most economical option available on the market. We provided the expression vector harboring the wild type DNA sequence, and about three weeks later we received a plasmid stock containing our mixed library. We sequenced twenty clones for internal quality control and found the library matched the diversity Revolve promised prior to initiating the project. All in all, the experience exceeded my expectations, and we are starting work on additional projects with Revolve."

- Jeffrey Dietrich, Ph.D., CTO, Lygos Inc.

"We obtained several very useful variants from screening the Revolve scanning saturation mutagenesis library (to be published in the near future). These libraries have proved very useful and we are big fans of the technology."

- Everett Stone, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, UT Austin

"We obtained multiple scanning and random codon libraries from Revolve and have been very happy with the quality of the libraries and documentation provided. We have used these libraries in 15 discovery efforts from which we have identified therapeutic lead candidates that are moving through pre-clinical development. We continue to use the libraries for new discovery projects."

- Senior Director of R&D, Undisclosed Gene Therapy Company